A friend in Bangalore was sick with severe fever, chills, and all related flu symptoms for 2 days.  The doctor had looked him up and had asked him to rest and wait out the flu symptoms over the coming days.

My friend had a very important meeting he had set up nearly 6 months ago with the CEO of a multi-national company, and couldn’t really miss this meeting.  If he missed it, it could be 6 months or more before he could get that important appointment again.  Naturally, my friend was anxious about this a lot.

Through his wife who was here in Cincinnati at that time, he sent the word to me for help. I received this call from my friend’s wife, in the evening after work.  We were expecting guests soon that evening, and I had to really help with the preparations.  I literally did not have time at that point to sit and perform a “distance healing” session.

However, I did spend a minute doing “something” in this regard, and went on with my evening.

The next morning, I got word through my friend’s wife that my friend had the following experience:  During his late night, the symptoms he was suffering with simply vanished.  Gone!  Kaput!  He woke up feeling hale and hearty.  He went to work, and met the CEO, and had an excellent outcome from that meeting.

i.e. While he was in bed that night, he had a total reversal of symptoms!  The symptoms did not taper off, and it wasn’t like the fever reduced, the chills were more bearable … but rather the symptoms just disappeared!  A spontaneous healing had occurred!

What did I “do” in that one minute of time that I devoted to his healing?  What could any person “do” in a minute that could engender a spontaneous healing of severe flu symptoms?  Defies conventional understanding doesn’t it?