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A Raging Flu Spontaneously Heals

A friend in Bangalore was sick with severe fever, chills, and all related flu symptoms for 2 days.  The doctor had looked him up and had asked him to rest and wait out the flu symptoms over the coming days.

My friend had a very important meeting he had set up nearly 6 months ago with the CEO of a multi-national company, and couldn’t really miss this meeting.  If he missed it, it could be 6 months or more before he could get that important appointment again.  Naturally, my friend was anxious about this a lot.

Through his wife who was here in Cincinnati at that time, he sent the word to me for help. I received this call from my friend’s wife, in the evening after work.  We were expecting guests soon that evening, and I had to really help with the preparations.  I literally did not have time at that point to sit and perform a “distance healing” session.

However, I did spend a minute doing “something” in this regard, and went on with my evening.

The next morning, I got word through my friend’s wife that my friend had the following experience:  During his late night, the symptoms he was suffering with simply vanished.  Gone!  Kaput!  He woke up feeling hale and hearty.  He went to work, and met the CEO, and had an excellent outcome from that meeting.

i.e. While he was in bed that night, he had a total reversal of symptoms!  The symptoms did not taper off, and it wasn’t like the fever reduced, the chills were more bearable … but rather the symptoms just disappeared!  A spontaneous healing had occurred!

What did I “do” in that one minute of time that I devoted to his healing?  What could any person “do” in a minute that could engender a spontaneous healing of severe flu symptoms?  Defies conventional understanding doesn’t it?


Severe Ear Pain Vanishes Overnight!

In winter 2001, I was heading out to Boston with a colleague of mine, who was the PR Director at my startup company at the time.  As Chief Technology Officer, I was going to be a presenter in a couple of sessions at a conference on search engines.  10-15 minutes after the plane took off in Cincinnati, she put her hands to ears and it looked like she was in deep pain.  She was clearly having a tough time.  I asked her what was happening, and she told me that she had an ear infection recently but she thought she had healed.

I coiled back in horror!  Just a couple of weeks prior to that, one of my colleagues at work, returned from a trip to the west coast with a big bandage around his ear. Apparently, he had traveled with an active ear infection, and the pressure of the cabin in the flight caused serious damage to the ear drum, causing him to be treated with steroidal baths in the ear and a massive course of medications to prevent the condition from deteriorating.

So, here is my PR Director, sitting right next to me, traveling with a possibly lingering ear infection, and writhing in pain from it!  These were the early days of Reiki for me, and on the one hand, I knew what I had to do to help, and on the other hand, I did not have the guts to tell a coworker about Reiki, for fear of being ridiculed (after all, I was the logical, problem-solving, visionary Chief Technology Officer, sigh!).

When we got off the plane and were on the car ride to our downtown hotel, I mustered the courage to tell her this: “It is past 10pm and I’m not sure you can get to a doctor. If you can’t, I know of a healing method that might help.”

She asked me about what is involved. I told her “Just settle down in your own room and call me on the hotel phone in my room, and I’ll guide you on what to do”.  These words just tumbled out of my mouth.  WTF!  All I knew was so-called hands-on healing. What sort of healing was I going to do over the phone?!! I had no experience of distance healing, or even knowledge of what to do.  I guess this was my intuition driving the words in my mouth directly without any judgmental interference.

In any case, she called me on the hotel phone at about 11pm, and tells me that she is ready, but it is hurting a lot in her ears.  I guided her into a series of deep breaths to relax, and had her do a bit of visualization. And in the mean time, I start my Reiki session from my room, with the heartfelt intention that she receives healing.  She disconnected the phone in a few minutes.  I continued holding that space of stillness for a while longer and fell asleep.

Surprise, Women, Excitement.
Healed from ear pain overnight without any medication!

8am next morning, I saw her at the elevators, all bright and cheerful, with no signs of any issues!

And here’s what she said about her experience the previous night:  “A few minutes after I got off the phone, I felt my attention spiraling until it reached a point where there seemed to be only one single dot there, and then I heard a loud pop in my ears, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, there was no pain, no issue at all.”

Her big wide smile was confirmation to me that she was completely healed.  10 minutes of “distance healing” over the phone with a person, done at a time in my practice when I knew nothing about “distance healing”, and a spontaneous healing occurs.  What could have damaged her ears permanently instead became an experience in the unfolding of another healing miracle!

A Deep Cut Heals Instantly

In the first 21 days after the Reiki Level-1 class, I started feeling the intensive flow of energy in me.  Clearly, the practice was doing something.  And I started doing healing work right away on family and friends.  And amazing things started happening.  I kept up my hands on healing practice as often as I could on myself.  Here is a noteworthy healing experience.

One late summer afternoon in 2001, I was sitting out on the deck in my backyard, with my daughter, trimming dead flowers and branches from hanging flower pots in our yard.  My daughter was barely 4 years old at that time.  Normally I’d give her kid-safe scissors, but somehow, absentmindedly, I had given her regular adult scissors that day!


As we were doing our clipping and trimming, my daughter was standing opposite me, contributing her effort as well. And then I noticed that my daughter’s face was turning red, her lips were pouting, and she was about to break forth into a big crying bout.  I knew something had gone wrong.  I pulled out her hands from within the flower basket where it still was, and noticed that her left forefinger had a deep cut, all ready to spurt out with blood.

Two things happened nearly simultaneously.  The ego went into a state of guilt and self-judgment and initiated a serious whipping frenzy of just how awful a dad I was to be so careless, and how horrible a person I was to inflict this sort of injury on her.  At the same time, thankfully so from hindsight, the heart kicked into action to take over the proceedings.

I put her injured finger between the palm of my hands and started Reiki right away, telling her in a soothing voice that I am sorry she got cut, and that this is going to be ok in just a few minutes.  For the most part, I was in a state of stillness, periodically being distracted by the lashing from my ego.  About 15 minutes later, I opened the palm of my hands, and my jaw dropped open wide to note that the deep cut had just disappeared.  I mean, it just vanished.  Poof!  Wow!

With tears in my eyes, I hugged my daughter and thanked God for His Grace.  She ran inside the home yelling to her mom, “Amma!  Amma!  Do you know what happened! I had a big boo boo in my finger and Appa just made it go away.  He did Reiki magic and it went away!”  My wife was not sure what had happened, and couldn’t believe the story of the little girl, but was happy that she was safe!

15-minutes of hands on healing, and a deep cut disappears leaving that part of the skin as if there was no cut before!  In my book of life experiences, that is a miracle, if I had ever seen one.


My First Healing Experience



January 2001


In July 2000, my dad was stricken by a series of strokes and was paralyzed from the neck down.  From a comatose state in the hospital, where the doctors and family members indicated that he wouldn’t go back home, he staged a series of miraculous recoveries, and did go back home, to full time care with a 24×7 live-in nurse and other dedicated family members.  He couldn’t move his limbs, and had lost everything from neck down including speech.  In the 5-6 months that followed, his condition was deteriorating, spastic paralysis had set in as limbs curled up and caused him unbearable pain.  Doctors couldn’t administer painkillers under the bedridden situation he was in.  The situation was getting desperate and family members and friends started researching alternatives to alleviate his pain.  My own research took me to this Japanese healing system called Reiki.  From my initial research, it seemed like many people had reported incredible healings, and it seemed like it was worth a try.

I relayed my findings about Reiki to my family in Bangalore, India where my dad was being cared for.  We were desperate for finding some help for my dad.  I planned to travel back to India to be with my dad for a short visit, during which we were going to invite a well-known Reiki Master in Bangalore to our home to do some healing work for my dad.  Arriving in Bangalore in early January 2001, I met Reiki Master, Dr. Susan Verghis, in our home.  One thing led to another and I asked her if she would teach me this method of Reiki.  She agreed, took off the next day from her work, and hosted me at her home for a full Reiki Level 1 training.  After a lackluster training session that did not satisfy my rational mind, I arrived at home in Bangalore that evening.  And this happened …

The Experience:

I sat at the dining table to relax and contemplate what had happened that day in my Reiki class.  The chair was an open back chair with an arching steel frame for back support.  When I sat down, I felt something wet and slithery underneath my butt.  I panicked.  Big time!  I yelled.  Arms flailing, I leaped out of the chair from the sitting position.  The chair went flying backwards and crashed some distance away.

The sound of yelping brought me the awareness that I hadn’t sat on a snake, which is what I was freaking out about, but the wet snout and tongue of my brother’s new collie puppy dog, Zeus, who had stuck his face underneath my butt without my knowledge.  Geez!  That felt foolish!


As I calmed down, I felt a deep stinging sensation in my left hand.  I glanced over to find a deep gash on the back of my left hand, where the skin had come off, ready to bleed.  The dining table had a 100% glass top, and my stupid flailing had dragged my left arm underneath the table and over the edges of it and torn off this skin.

“Crap!  Now I have to go wash the wound off and put some antiseptic cream and perhaps a bandage”, I thought to myself.  And then I got this insight, this intuition from within, “Hey!  You just learned this healing method today.  Why don’t you use it?  Maybe it will work!”  Unquestioningly, I followed that insight.

It was getting dark, and I told my mom that I would step out into the balcony, close the door behind me, and would need to be left totally undisturbed for a while until I come back in.  My mom agreed to keep the door closed and disturbances away.  I stepped out and followed Susan’s instruction to start a healing session and placed my right palm over the injured area of the left palm.  And I kept my attention on the sensation in that area, and in as close to a state of stillness as I could muster at that time, eyes closed.  Sometime later, I opened my eyes.  It was pitch-dark.  And the mosquitoes were having a great feast on my delicious sweet blood!

I stepped into the home, into the light of the kitchen, and glanced over at my left hand, and was totally shocked to see no gash, no wounds, no signs whatsoever of the stinging hurt and peeling skin that I had seen just a few minutes before that.  It was as if someone had hit the “Undo” button and reversed the wound.

“What the f&^%!  Just what the heck happened here?” screamed my mind!  I wasn’t delusional.  I was injured.  I saw it just few minutes before, and now it is gone!  And all I did was what Susan told me to do.

My left brain insisted that this is ridiculous and that I shouldn’t make a fool of myself by talking about this to anyone.  So I decided to simply carry on with the rest of the night, but knew that something amazing had just occurred.  My wound was spontaneously healed. I made a deep commitment to myself, that I would practice the hands-on healing for 1 1/2 hours each day for 21 days, and practice a bit more daily thereafter. After all, if this kind of miracle can happen on day-1, what might happen with practice!

That first healing miracle on the same evening of my first Reiki level 1 class, triggered by Zeus the puppy collie, and the commitment I made to my practice are among the reasons why I’m here, sharing what I am on this blog about the wonderful journey to healing and Awakening and the wisdom that flowed on that path.

A more detailed version of this story was published on, as part of a series of 5 articles: The Secret of Many Blessings, Part 1 of 5, The First Miracles.



Note: The links to “Previous Blog”, “Master List”, “Next Blog” at the top and bottom of this post, are to other articles written by other Reiki practitioners about their first experience with Reiki.  This chain of articles on the same topic is called a Blog Hop.  Please do follow those links to read other interesting posts on this topic.  And do leave your thoughts / comments below for me.


What started as a blog to capture my passion for technology, entrepreneurship as well as spirituality and healing, five years ago, is now changing, to keep up with the changes in me.

Over fifteen years of healing and spiritual practice have changed me immeasurably.  Standing firmly in this moment, to take a brief glance at the past and the journey, there is nothing but sheer awe and gratitude.

We’ve been told that we live in a “practical world” and the ordinary life you live is part and parcel of it.  However, the experience of life need not be the prison that it can appear to be, and need not be laced with suffering as it often is.

Within you is an immeasurable, deeper presence, your true center of peace, love and happiness, that can be experienced consistently.


Regardless of how pricky, thorny, troublesome, painful, seemingly ugly, or tough your current state is, the fact remains that who you are inside is none of this.  The way to experience who you are inside, is like the metamorphosis of a prickly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.  The caterpillar was already the butterfly inside waiting to be released into the world.  Likewise, your metamorphosis can begin, here and now, to that amazing being you are inside, and steadily you can let that inner being shine.

That is the purpose of this blog, going forward, to share the wisdom of the journey to healing and Awakening.

And it begins.

Has Curation Finally Arrived?

Curation, as in content curation, digital curation, search curation and so forth has been all the rage in 2011.

But nothing says that curation has finally arrived, than this recent Dilbert cartoon below:

Has curation reached the tipping point?  What do you think?

The Social Search Buzz Dance

Today I was looking at the recent trend in social media buzz about “social search”.  I saw something that was interesting to my eye.

Social buzz on "social search"

The blue line in this graph is the overall mentions of the phrase “social search” in all blogs tracked by

The orange line is the portion of mentions of the phrase “social search” and Google.

The green line is the portion of mentions of the phrase “social search” and either Microsoft or Bing.

I noticed a few things:

  1. The buzz in blogs about “social search” overall tracks closely to work done by Google or Microsoft in that area.
  2. The spikes in buzz are usually related to some news or announcement from one of these companies.
  3. The spike in buzz on Jul 15th is related to an accidental reveal of an internal social search engine research project at Microsoft (first discovered by Fusible, and then picked up by Search Engine Land, and covered in many outlets including here at Bing Watch and Microsoft-Watch).

There are a lot of startups and other entrepeneurs working on social search related technologies and services.  Do these generate any buzz at all in social media?

Social media buzz on "Social search" - buzz generated about something other than Microsoft's or Google's work

In this trend graph above, the blue line is the same as with the first trend graph on top, and the orange line is buzz about “social search” that does not mention Google, Microsoft or Bing.

There’s a trickle of non-Google, non-Microsoft buzz regarding “social search”.

But the overall public discourse on “social search”, the social search buzz dance if you will, is dominated by Google and Microsoft.  I see this as further evidence that “social search” as we are currently viewing it in the market will be mainstream search engine features, as I wrote about it in this post on The Evolution of Social Search.

In related news, my startup Zakta, officially announced the public availability of, the world’s first real-time collaborative search and curation engine.  It is the first search engine on the Web to allows friends, classmates, family members, colleagues and other trusted people to search together and find and share what they need.

Here is a (~1 minute) concept video that shows the idea behind SearchTeam:

Here is a (~ 3 minute) guided tour video of the capabilities of SearchTeam:

For those of you who prefer to browse through a set of screenshots at your pace, rather than watch the videos, here’s a pdf file with annotated screenshots of

Early reviews have been quite positive, with promising applications of SearchTeam in School, at Home and at Work.  I’d like to personally extend my gratitude to all of you who have tweeted, blogged or otherwise shared SearchTeam with your social circles.  Innovation like SearchTeam can thrive only through the support of people like you.  Thank you for your support!

Social Search and Bing

Bing recently made major updates to their social search capability which leverages their relationship with Facebook.  With this latest update, Bing now uses “Likes” from a user’s Facebook Friends, as well as the collective wisdom gained from opinions of users at large, to better rank and present search results.

As reported widely, Bing’s updates also includes the availability of the Bing Bar, which makes it easy for users to Like any page on the Web. This is another source of social signals for Bing. On the heels of this major update to, Microsoft has also added social search features to its mobile search as well.

Equally noteworthy has been the aggressive ad campaign around the themes “Bing and decide with your friends“, and “Friends don’t let friends decide alone“.

In the days following these major updates to Bing, there’s been a lot of discussion on the impact of these changes to the search landscape.  Here are a few topics related to this, that interested me greatly:

  • Users seem to like these new social search features in general. But is this enough to convert regular Google search users to Bing?  This is covered in a good post at
  • All these social search additions from Bing (and earlier from Google) are changing the nature of search itself. The social impact on search was a hot topic at SEMPO, and that is covered well at this post from
  • So, who is creating the most social search engine now?  Google or Bing?  This is a topic covered in this post, also from
  • Twitter is impacting Web search results.  Facebook is altering Web search results.  Other social signals are increasingly changing the search results we see from Google and Bing. SearchEngineWatch has a collection of posts on this page related to this topic of how social signals are impacting mainstream Web search engines.
  • With Bing’s aggressive integration of social search, comes the natural question around the impact of the Facebook-Microsoft alliance on Google.  This AdAge article calls out why Microsoft’s Facebook alliance is a real threat to Google.

In my blog post on The Evolution of Social Search, I predicted that “Social Search, as we now know it, becomes a mainstream search engine feature”. Bing’s recent social search moves seem to cement that claim.

The current wave of “social search” has been around the concept of using social signals of recommendation from friends and the Web at large to alter the rank ordering and presentation of Web search results.  Good strides have been made in this regard, and I expect even more activity and integration from Google and Bing in the coming months.

My startup, Zakta, has taken the next steps in deepening social search.  Where the current generation of social search involves leveraging signals of recommendation from friends / social connections in presenting Web search results, from Zakta enables users to search the Web together with their friends and other trusted people.  SearchTeam provides the capability for friends to search together, classmates to research together, for colleagues to work together, in real-time or asynchronously, curating the best search results together from the Web.

Just as the current generation of social search features promises to improve the quality of search results for transactional searches and some simple informational searches by leveraging social signals, SearchTeam delivers the social search solution for improving the quality and experience and value of deeper informational searches through its collaborative search and curation paradigm.

What is your take on social search and its long term impact on the search landscape?

The Evolution of Social Search

I was going to write a post earlier this year about social search, and it was going to be titled: “Does anyone care about social search anymore?“.  I was genuinely wondering what had happened to the “social search” meme, which was all the rage in 2009!  As it turns out, I never did write that post.  And just as well.  You can see why in this BlogPulse trend graph below:

You will notice two spikes in the trend graph, one in mid-February, and another in early April.

In mid-February Google announced deeper integration of social data from Twitter, Flickr, and Quora.  MG Siegler wrote this on TechCrunch about this mid-February social search update:

What Google is sort of downplaying as just an “update” to social search, is actually much more. Google is taking those social circle links at the bottom of the page, pumping them with social steroids, and shoving them towards the top of results pages. For the first time, social is actually going to affect Google Search in a meaningful way.

In early-April, Google announced its +1 button to rival Facebook’s Like button.  I wrote about this in this earlier post on Social Search and Google +1.

… Google has demonstrated that they consider social signals as an important element of their ranking of search results.  So, does the Google +1 launch officially make Google a social search engine? 

After a long lull in “social search” buzz, we hear two big announcements related to social search in the span of two months in 2011 from Google.  What does this mean for “social search”?  It will be fair to say that “social search” is a real phenomenon, and is rapidly evolving.

By the way, other people have pondered about the evolution of social search over the past few years, and here’s a couple of earlier posts on this topic you might find interesting:

  • October 2010, Lauren Fisher, TNW Social Media: The Evolution of Social Search – Lauren wrote about the potential business impacts of the emerging social search phenomena. Among the observations Lauren makes is this: “The impact that social search can have on the SEO industry is huge, and it represents a fundamental shift in the way this operates. While SEO has typically been a longer-term strategy, often taking weeks of months to see the fruits of your labour, social search has changed all that.”, and clearly, we are seeing signs in the SEO market that the impact of social on search is a key part of modern SEO work.
  • March 2011, Jeniffer Van Grove, Mashable: The Future of Social Search – Jeniffer argues that since search is rapidly changing, so is social search and that we should be thinking of social search in broader terms than just “socially ranked search results”.  Her parting remarks in this post: “We’re just now scratching the surface of what’s possible when one’s expanding social graph becomes intertwined with search. But as time goes on, the social search experience will be so fluid — it will seem more like discovering than searching — we won’t even know it’s happening.

Here is my own take (thoughts and predictions) about the evolution of social search:

  • Social search, as we now know it, becomes a mainstream search engine feature:  It is evident that Google is fully integrating social signals to alter their search results ranking.  We can only expect this integration to go broader (more social signals) and deeper (better integration of social signals).  This will drive a flurry of interest and activity on the part of companies and content creators to learn and incorporate “social search” related elements in their own online content and marketing strategies.
  • Aggregate social signals will continue to impact search result ranking: I think that using aggregate social signals to alter search result ranking is an idea that is here to stay – this is what does, and the reason for this is that this can be done in a way where the value can be delivered without getting destroyed by privacy issues or spam issues.
  • Social circle recommendations will aid a minority of search results:  I think that integrating signals of recommendations of people from my social circle into my search results is interesting – but the percentage of queries for which a user’s social circle has a meaningful recommendation will be low, and this is due to the very nature of the wide range of topics we typically search for, and the constitution of our social circles
  • Privacy concerns will hamper broad adoption:  I think that a large percentage of users are going to be concerned in opening up their social circles and content flows from within them to mainstream search engines. In turn, this will be a hurdle for broad adoption of social circles into search.
  • Facebook social search will be here:  Social search won’t remain just in the bastion of search engines.  Facebook will be a huge player in this.  As I see it, Facebook has at least two major assets as it pertains to social search: (1) a growing base of registered users with their growing social graphs, and (2) an enormous growing set of social signals fueled through a lot of social sharing within Facebook, their seemingly ubiquitous Facebook Like button, and new social sharing widgets they are deploying in the market.  How long before we see an innovative “social search” tool from Facebook that leverages all these massive assets they have!
  • Social search startups will innovate along different paths: Social search is a buzzword that has meant the incorporation of social search signals in search results.  But that is a rather limiting view of what can be possible when social and search are combined.  I think we can expect new solutions to enter the market that will vastly expand the definition and understanding of social search in the coming months and years.  I think that social search startups will innovate along different paths not taken by mainstream search engines so far.

Talking of different paths of innovation with social search, here’s a shameless plug for what we are doing at Zakta, my startup.  There are two directions that Zakta is taking which are different than mainstream approaches to social search:

  1. Curation:  I think that personal and social curation of search results is key to delivering relevance and ongoing value for informational searches.
  2. Collaboration: I think that real-time and asynchronous collaboration between trusted people (social circle / professional circle) is key to leveraging group knowledge and work as it pertains to informational searching and Web-based information research.

Zakta’s new service, SearchTeam, is a real-time collaborative search and curation engine that is based on the principles of curation and collaboration applied to the context of the informational search process / information research.  SearchTeam is not officially launched yet, but you can try it out today at

What do you think about social search and where it is going?

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