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What started as a blog to capture my passion for technology, entrepreneurship as well as spirituality and healing, five years ago, is now changing, to keep up with the changes in me.

Over fifteen years of healing and spiritual practice have changed me immeasurably.  Standing firmly in this moment, to take a brief glance at the past and the journey, there is nothing but sheer awe and gratitude.

We’ve been told that we live in a “practical world” and the ordinary life you live is part and parcel of it.  However, the experience of life need not be the prison that it can appear to be, and need not be laced with suffering as it often is.

Within you is an immeasurable, deeper presence, your true center of peace, love and happiness, that can be experienced consistently.


Regardless of how pricky, thorny, troublesome, painful, seemingly ugly, or tough your current state is, the fact remains that who you are inside is none of this.  The way to experience who you are inside, is like the metamorphosis of a prickly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.  The caterpillar was already the butterfly inside waiting to be released into the world.  Likewise, your metamorphosis can begin, here and now, to that amazing being you are inside, and steadily you can let that inner being shine.

That is the purpose of this blog, going forward, to share the wisdom of the journey to healing and Awakening.

And it begins.

Better late than never

Hello world!  Welcome to The Sharer blog.  My name is Sundar Kadayam, a technology entrepreneur, with over 24 years of experience in the software industry.

Writing this first personal blog post at, I feel so much like a latecomer to a revolution that has been underway for almost 8-10 years.  100s millions of blogs and personal journals, 600M-700M users in social networks, billions of tweets and more later, does the world need another blog?  Really what is the use of another pile of opinions, another addition to the ranks of self-important megaphone wielders?

I did not take these questions lightly. It is true that I’m a Johnny-come-lately to the online world of social media and social networks.  But that is only partly true.

My professional journey had me leading teams of people measuring and monitoring the social media revolution from a time before it was called “social media”, a journey that left me with no time or energy to devote to being on the front lines wielding my own megaphone.

At the same time, I’ve been on an incredible personal journey that has brought greater clarity, healing and incredible moments of awakening.

The problem with blogging for me is that I’ve never been fond of the idea of wielding a megaphone – there’s enough noise out there already, and the world doesn’t need me to add to that noise in any way.  Will I have something useful to say?  Why should anyone care?

But then, despite my reticence to start blogging, I’ve found that people have enjoyed hearing me share my stories, experiences and tidbits from life.

Finally, the resolution to this dilemma came from a dear friend and mentor. He assuaged my doubts about the value I can deliver and pointed out just how sharing came naturally to me.

And so, and here I am, deciding to honor the sharer in me, through this blog, The Sharer, where I plan to share tidbits of learning from the experiences of my life.

Let me get started with a few things right away …

Since 1996, I’ve worked with search engine technologies and it has been an area of passion for me.  In fact, as I write this, at my current startup, Zakta, we are running a private beta of the world’s first real-time collaborative search engine.  It enables friends, classmates, colleagues or other trusted people to search together in real-time.

Another area of passion for me has been entrepreneurship.  Given my background and upbringing, I am an unlikely entrepreneur! My entrepreneurial journey has been fascinating and full of personal learning so far, and I hope to share some of that too here!

I’m also fascinated with topics related to health, wellness, healing and the deeper aspects of life and living itself.  I do healing work, and have been doing so for almost 10 years now. That has opened up a view of the fabric of life itself that has changed me deeply and permanently in the way I relate to people and the world around me.  I hope to share some of these life changing experiences here as well.

There … I’ve gotten started!  I think I can do this – be The Sharer!  And as they say, “better late than never”!

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