What started as a blog to capture my passion for technology, entrepreneurship as well as spirituality and healing, five years ago, is now changing, to keep up with the changes in me.

Over fifteen years of healing and spiritual practice have changed me immeasurably.  Standing firmly in this moment, to take a brief glance at the past and the journey, there is nothing but sheer awe and gratitude.

We’ve been told that we live in a “practical world” and the ordinary life you live is part and parcel of it.  However, the experience of life need not be the prison that it can appear to be, and need not be laced with suffering as it often is.

Within you is an immeasurable, deeper presence, your true center of peace, love and happiness, that can be experienced consistently.


Regardless of how pricky, thorny, troublesome, painful, seemingly ugly, or tough your current state is, the fact remains that who you are inside is none of this.  The way to experience who you are inside, is like the metamorphosis of a prickly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.  The caterpillar was already the butterfly inside waiting to be released into the world.  Likewise, your metamorphosis can begin, here and now, to that amazing being you are inside, and steadily you can let that inner being shine.

That is the purpose of this blog, going forward, to share the wisdom of the journey to healing and Awakening.

And it begins.